amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

eating lunch and roaming through friends of friends lists. Came up with this:

Part I. Those who kinda know me.
1. What is my online name?
2. What chats do I hang out in?
3. What are my favorite web sites?
4. Do I tend to speak l33t sometimes?
5. Am I a threat to my ISP?

Part II. Those who think they know me.
1. What is my old online name?
2. What kind of stuff do I pirate online?
3. What operating system(s) do I use?
4. What sports do I like?
5. Am I a threat to my household?

Part III. Those who assume they know me.
1. What's my favorite color?
2. What's my favorite food?
3. Favorite video game
4. Favorite TV show
5. Am I a threat to the satellite or cable company?

Part IV. Those who actually know me.
1. What is my first name?
2. What is my star sign?
3. Would you be suprised if I showed up on America's most wanted some day?
4. Do I like my music LOUD or soft?
5. Do I pose a threat to stay animals?

Part V. Those who know me a little too well.
1. What city was I born in?
2. What is the day and month of my birth?
3. Am I better as a singer, an actor or a priest?
4. Would I last a week on Survivor?
5. Should you lock your doors and hide your wallet/purse when I'm around?

Part VI. Those who stalk me.
1. What's my religion?
2. What schools did I attend
3. Do I sleep sideways or on my back?
4. Did I have a favorite pet?
5. Am I a threat to national security?

Part VII. Multiple choice.

1. The kind of auto I drive (or would) drive is:
A. Ghetto as fuck. No car seats, but it gets me around.
B. 1/2 way ghetto. Nice interior, good stereo.
C. Rice. 6ft spoiler and coffee can muffler you can stick a baby in.
D. Luxury. Get the fuck out of my way because my car is nicer.
E. Racer. Get the fuck out of my way because my car is faster.
F. Monster truck or SUV. Don't get out of my way. I'll just drive over you.

2. I win the lottery tomorrow. $20 million dollars. I'll:

A. Spend it on myself. Fuck you all.
B. Spend most of it on myself, give some to charity.
C. Spend some of it on myself, and put the rest away.
D. Spend a little on myself, put some away, and spend some on my friends.
E. Spend some on myself, and some on hookers.
F. Invest it in some stupid company that will go belly up in a year.

3. I'd love to live in:
A. The Pacific Coast.
B. The rockies
C. The desert
D. The midwest
E. The south
F. The eastern seaboard

4. I'm more of a:
A. Computer geek
B. Movie freak
C. Gamer
D. Jock
E. Spaz
F. Loner

Part VIII. Essay

1. My most embaressing moment was...

2. I'm most proud of the time I...

Part IX

Describe me in LIMERICK FORM

Part X. The ultimate.

1. How many girl/boy friends have I had?
2. How many girls/boys have I kissed?
3. What is my mom's first name?
4. What is my dad's first name?

k. back to work

PS: Sarah, thank you thank you thank you for never throwing out your news papers. You have saved my ass from certain doom. I have to find articles about volcanoes and earthquakes. And because of you, I can do this in the comfort of my own home. THANK YOU
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