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My day started out uber shitty. Like, the shittiest of shitty. Pretty much I was chanting fuck the fucking fuckers.

But guess what?

It all got better! Yay! *does a little dance*

I'm piss broke but I am a full member of Alphi Phi Omega, Zeta Psi Chapter, Alpha family. Go me. I guess...

And I have fantastic friends.

And having a friend here tomorrow gives me great motivation to get my shit done. Which is good.

And and and just a tad bit of resolution happened today and that was swell. I'm glad that friends are, in some cases, more important than more than friends. Because you could always use an extra friend, but (okay, maybe just me) can only handle more than one more than a friend. Did that make any sense? I'm just happy. *squee!!*
(To quote jennifer who quoted me, "It's funny how things work out" Go me. And her. )

And I ran into some other friends. He always makes me feel wonderful. Maybe it's a chain because his girlfriend makes *him* feel wonderful. I <3 Ruxton.

I just ran into so many wonderful beautiful people today. I <3333 everyone and their mom.

Aaaaaand....I'm still awake. Fuck that. going to sleep to dream of...wouldn't you like to know?
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