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I emailed chance yesterday. I guess he almost has some other girl, except he still wants to see me and he might be home for christmas. That's kind of fucked up. He said he thought a lot about coming and seeing me in Eugene...blah.

Damask is having one of her drama days. She still likes the guy that she was screwing for a while, even though he is correct to just stay the hell away from her. She wrote him a letter and has been snooping around, and when she say him hanging out with Naima, she flipped. Then, he had to go talk to her, and she got all pissed and said something along the lines of wishing Naima would die. That pissed me off...I am just trying to stay out of it, because I don't want to get caught in the middle. Then, I told damask that what she said bothered me, and we kind of blew up at each other. Whatever. I just hope she doesn't try to commit suicide.

Haha...and now for the me side. Roger walked in on me crying yesterday. It was just one of those release kind of cries. LIke, you aren't sire exactly why you start crying, but then you just think of everything, and by the time you are done, you feel a lot better. Does that happen to anyone else????
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