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Yay for Oasis. That rocked my socks. It was oodles of fun - you learn the most peculiar things when you really get to know someone. And the more I hang out with that crew (Naima, Bryon, Jaime, Drew, and Diane just to name a few) the more I wish having been an RA would have worked out for me. But, alas, things are swell as they are and I know that the unfolding events wouldn't have allowed for me to keep the job. Meh. I'm just glad that it's cool I hang out with them - I guess it is. I dig em all bunches. (huh. I sure don't think that was a real english sentence. haha).

Anyway, also yay for RPG's. This is the first one that I have participated in. I feel like a deflowered RPG virgin. Feels good, damnit! So I'm a nerd. Well, I created an entirely new LJ for it. Haha. That doesn't mean, howsomeever, that posts here will stop at all. Oh no. You know how some people say they can stop an addiction "any time"? Yeah, I tried that with LJ. Not so much. haha.

Today has been an incredibly weird day. B is rubbing off on me - I slept in late and now I feel like I squandered half the day! But the other half, I spent either a) cleaning, or b)tinkering around online. Welcome to my life. ;-)

And now it's time (almost) for APO. Still feels like freaking 2 in the afternoon.

Last but not least:

Dear incoming wisdom teeth:

Why do you plague me so? Must you do this to me NOW???? Screw you and go to hell. And while you are there, give my regards to my beta's namesake.


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