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Yay Andrea!

Andrea's in town!(i.e. she didn't fall off the planet or get kidnapped by a gaggle of mormons, rather, she used to update at work and now she has a firewall on her computer).

We went shopping. What an experience. A good experience. But try going into a mall during prime shopping hours with a bright blue mask on. I told a few people rather loudly to "Stare. I might do a trick."

And then we ran into Mindi and Bree and...oh, god...Diane? Diana? The sweet girl from Divisi. And they bought amazing dresses. I'm soooo stoked for the prom party!

BTW: It's sarah's birthday this friday. Come to my apartment to enjoy festivities (even if I won't be there). Wait, Bree's birthday is on sunday, is it not? Haha! You geminis can't escape my brain of steel!

So, I absolutely love andrea in all of her blissful beer-selling glory. I've said it many many times before: she always knows the perfect thing to say for every situation. I need my own personal Andrea for everyday use.

and and and she looks fabulous. :-)
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