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I think it's blowup time. But I don't really want to get into that. Suffice to say, I am very happy that the year is almost over.

I went for a wonderfully long walk last night. I walked and walked and walked for almost an hour and it was lovely. I was wearing the skirt that jess made me for my birthday, and as I was walking down the stairs from my apartment, some random guy just looks at me in bewilderment and tells me that I look beautiful. I said thank you and went on my way. It was a huge compliment despite the fact that the guy was kind of creepy.

I had a good weekend, hanging out with three of my favorite people and a tagalong (or fiance. However you want to put it). We watched Death to Smoochy, courtesy of Jessica (and if I find the motherfuckers who stole her car I swear to god I will kill you, assholes!) and it was not a happy film. It was most entertaining, and I have a new found love for edward norton, but it was NOT a happy film! Haha.

Ummm...midterm loving. Actually, you know what I AM loving? This beautiful weather. I couldn't ask for better weather this week. At least I have until wednesday to really indulge in it. :-)
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