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Alright...looks like things are going much better.

Friday and Saturday were terrible. Just aweful. I had my groshong pulled out and I felt like the human pin cushion and it counts were so low and I swear, when your counts are low, life just sucks. But then yesterday, I got a bag of platlets and two bags of blood and my mom came and I felt a ton better after assloads of crying. One of the CNA's, Melody (the one who I eat lunch with from time to time) just sat in there and cried with me yesterday morning. She is so freaking sweet. I love her).

And then Sarah, Andrew and Cave Man Dave came in and we all talked for a while and it was awesome to see them all. I sent them off to get chinese food and with the message that Graham needs to come see me.

Which he did. :-) He shaved his head (and looks hot) and came by just as Mom and I were settling down to watch Zoolander, which he hadn't ever seen (along with mom) so we all watched it together. It was good to see him and he gave me a big hug and...just goodness all the way around. I hope he isn't pissed about everything...I guess I was just a heinous bitch. Meh. shit happens.

Since I first arrived two months ago for the first round of chemo, Meghan has kept drawing "roberto" the bunny rabbit on my white board. I decided today that my next tattoo will be roberto the leukemia bunny on my ankle to remind me that I can and will get through this.

And and and the best thing of the last 24 hours? I have better gaydar than my own mother. I totally called it one a woman who works here so I struck up a conversation with my mom about Benton county when she was in my room last night and she joined it. My mom had no idea. I rock my own damn socks.
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