amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Well, I went to the pickup game at U of O on Saturday. And even though I had previously made up my mind NOT to do marching band, when I went, I had totally changed my mind. Everyone there was like a giant family and they were way rad. Once I got talking to them, I found that I fit right in. One of the trumpet players (very hot, mind you!) that I thought would be a total asshole started talking to me on the bus back from Autzen stadium. "So, do you know anyone in OMB?" he asked. I looked at him sheepishly. "Yeah, I know Chris Somer. blah." The entire bus got quit, and everone stared at me like I was a freak. "Don't *tell* people that!" he told me. Oh, believe me, my trumpet hottie, I don't enjoy knowing this guy, thankyouverymuch!!!!

Anyway, even though I don't really want to do marching band, it is my family. I kind of relate it to the fact that they are my family, and even though I may not want to do something like eating dinner with them or whatever, they are still my family, and therefor, I will do it all the same. I decided yesterday, which was very short notice, so I am hauling ass to close ends with everyone and pack at the same time. I hung out with sean last night, and I am going out to dinner with him and his family tonight. I love them so freakin' much! Linda, Celena and Sean, they are the closest thing I have to extended family. And their family is wonderful. they love me!

Oh, well...I don't know. I am nervous and excited and sad and happy and blah and worried and all these emotions. God, I don't know how I am ever going to survive at a college where the amount of students exceeds the amount of residents in my home town!! Augh!

Oh, well...hopefully I stay in touch with everyone. I love my friends!!!
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