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Pablo and I are going to a freaking hanson concert! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

AND AND AND! We are going to see Aerosmith and KISS a month after that!

This deserves a haiku

Get to see hanson
Taylor is married with kid(s)
Zac should cut his hair

I have two weeks till I go back and I am freaking out. Kind of good and kind of bad. I want my mommy! I am scared and excited and sad and happy and everything and it's mom and I just want someone to tell me that everything will be perfect for me and mean it and tell me that I will never be hungry and never want and I am a poor starving college student so I can make better money when I get out of college and that teaching is worth it and that it is a noble profession and that I am helping the youth of tomorrow fo sho. Or some shit like that.

Stoked about the apt. So many emotions! And all I can think about is going to hanson and my new apt and wanting a hug from my mom. :-(

Working and cleaning and getting ready and making money and trying not to worry and loving my life and falling asleep not knowing where I will be whisked off the next day and loving it as long as I know I am loved.

okay, I am crazy. just nervous!
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