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That, my friends, is one of the most beautiful mountains EVER. Mt. Hood.

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Yesterday, Andy and I set out to go to Gordon Lake. I was itching for some hiking/backpacking, and as I had just gotten blood and had great amounts of hemoglobin in me, I was super ready to go.

We drove up some road (probably, like, Bob's road), to get there and hike about a half mile in. But, unfortunately, Bob's road was a little busy being snowed in (Bob's road was past Sweet Home, so we were basically driving into the Cascades). Bob really knows how to pick 'em.

Bob's Road:
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So we backtrack, and decide to take some other road (most likely a forest service road, because really, what do I know about roads?) So we get up pretty far onto Forest Service Road X. FSRX was pretty snowed in, too.

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So then we back tracked, found this sweet little inlet between two huge rocks (and by "rocks" I mean "tiny mountains about 20-30 ft tall") and we saw all kinds of signs of wildlife - elk tracks and poopies ("droppings"), cougar tracks and droppings, owl throwup thingies with little mammal jaw bones in them, a little nesty thing for some rodent, a pheasant that wanted to EAT ME, and OMG! a pair of scorpions. Those fuckers were HUGE and were extremely angry that we disturbed them.

So we explored our little niche, poking around at rocks and building a fire and I made a bet with him about something and he lost so I won "1000 sweet kisses." :) We're up to I think 300.

So back at home, clean, except for the nasty bagel cut...and wondering how much homework I should actually do today. I have the two most important men in my life sleeping on either side of me...although one of them has been extremely whiny today and I don't know what to do about it.
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