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Things always seem less cool when you wait to update about them...

I had a list of things I wanted to talk about yesterday but resisted the urge to do a double update.

Kitten apparently does NOT have ringworm. I spent over $200 on him just to have them tell me that I shouldn't use the ear mite stuff on him. *flails around* hi I'm a poor starving college student and love my cat to death, but couldn't we have waited? We decided that I Housed him, since I accidentally poisoned him twice and tried to fix it just to see what was wrong.

I was super artsy yesterday, or at least feeling the urge. And since I didn't want to mess with the matting (!!) I decided to paint. It was supposed to be for my bathroom, and it's there now mostly because I can't find anywhere else to put it (it kind of sucks).

gah. Stuff to say, but I just put myself in a pissy mood. So here.

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taken with my digi driving 60 ish miles an hour on our way to bend.
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