amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Oh my fucking Gawd.

I lost my cell phone today. Holy fucking shit.

So I was walking to work (like ya do) after class and I remember checking my phone to see what time it was. I had eight minutes to get to work. An hour later, I checked to see if anyone had called, since I needed to talk to Suz about going to Portland, and my phone was gone. I always put my phone in the same spot in the same pouch. And it was fucking gone like a mofo.

So I called all the places. The campus lost and found had my phone. Or so I thought. I described it to them, and they said they had it. A cingular black nokia with an orange screen. I get there and it's someone else's phone.

I was freaking out by this point. A friend of mine, Mike, walks up, I tell him what's wrong, he convinces me it's okay, and invites me to go have a beer with him. Okay, not like I'll be finding my phone anyway at this rate. Once I've ingested a Mirror Pond by 1 pm, I go check the bookstore. No love. I freak out some more. I had to call Andy when I get to Portland - how the hell was I supposed to do that? I didn't know his number, it's in my phone with the rest of the numbers. I get an ingenius idea, so I get change for a dollar, use the bookstore's payphone, call his mother, and ask her to give me his number. I love Pam. She's great.

Anyway, so I got on the bus to go home. At the connector, which happens to be the mall, I remember that there's a cingular kiosk in the mall. Maybe I could buy a new phone there (I seriously need this phone STAT). I get over there, and they're like "sorry, we don't do GOphones." I practically burst into tears. Never fear though, "there's a real store right across the street." Thank the powers that be. I trek my ass over there, in the stupid clodhoppers that hurt like a biatch across a four lane highway (almost getting run over) and who should be working there but ANNIE! Frustrated, out of breath, and on the verge of tears, she helps me get a new phone. A motorola (I've never had anything but a nokia) for $80.

Not a total loss, as I was thinking of getting a new phone, but I hate that I'm so freaking dependent on my phone. I went two hours without it.

Moral of the story: I still have the same number, but I've lost everyone's phone number (well, everyone but andy, my mom and suz, the last two whom I just happened to remember). If you think I should have your number, you'd better call me. I have the same number as before.
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