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There's really no words that would be suitable for what I want to convey. I'm scared but happy, content and upset, loved and losing. I feel like that Alanis Morrisette song.

Spent time with Kathy yesterday. Her husband made sure that I said my goodbyes, as it was probably the last time I will ever see her. So surreal.

Back to normal for the most part. Last night was a full house in the apartment and I think it scared the crap out of Taylor.

Wobblies show tonight! CD release party that Andy's playing with! In this week's Eugene Weekly, PBR's ad had a pic of AJ on it. I wish I could find a copy. I was just looking for the cover amount in the bars section when here's AJ screaming on the mike in a big PBR ad. Now I've seen it all.
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