amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Blast from the past...

Whoa! I just saw Tyler Handran, who's doing transfer introDUCKtion. And dizzam, he is as good looking now as he was when I had a crush on him in eighth grade. Oh, those middle school days of flirting with eachother after school...

oh yeah, and I saw Bri Babb yesterday, who apparently just hired her sister at the bread place that she works. Silly twins.

I think we have our dream apartment (I *think*). It's right across from the cancer center (coinkidink much?) and it's a gorgeous split level town house, 1000 sq feet, back door opens up to a beautiful manicured lawn/park thing, five minutes from the swimming pool and RIGHT on the bus line. RIGHT on the busline. Siriusly. And, the best thing ever? $725/month for THREE ROOMS. Suckas. Think good thoughts!
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