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Stoopid Romulan Girl, showing up at 80's night. Maybe she's a Tal Shiar Agent out to get me.

Conversation I had with my mom two days ago:

Mom: You know, Mars is going to be the closest to earth it's been in 60,000 years in August. It's going to be as big as the moon."

Me: Great, I'm going to be a heinous bitch all of August.

I related this all to Suz

Suz: Well, maybe you'll be a fiesty bitch?


so I doubt it's going to be as big as the moon, especially LAST night's moon (incredible), but still. SO COOL. Must take pix.

PSA: I think tomorrow we may go chalking. Anyone?

*le sigh* oh yeah...I think I may have prematurely done the happy dance with the biopsy results. Will keep y'all posted.
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