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Gratuitous At-work post.

I'm at work. This is how much work rocks. I am on LJ.

Umm...I ran into GTF Nick this morning when I was walking to work. *Squee* Afreakingdorable.

yeah, that's all, I've already dusted and made myself hot chocolate and filed and filed some more and I've been here for two hours and I don't have any more work to do. Slow day. It's Wednesday Hump Day.

My kitten needs a friend. I've plum run out of things to say. But check out my new icon, thanks to ziggystarmod. I <3 him.

I really hate it that although I loathe Avril Lavigne (and, more to the point, her whiny-ass voice) with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, I can relate to what she sings about. #*($#*(* trick ass ho.

I miss Corvallis Crew already.
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