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I wanna shake my ass on the hood of Whitesnake's car

You'd think if I were happy with it then I wouldn't feel this way. He is the one who can't have a girlfriend. It's not me. It's him. He appreciates our deep conversations and never thought I was stupid or inadequate. Then why do I feel like a fucking moron?

love the job.
love Kathy.
love Sterling for the new icon.

I had a really odd dream (not that I'll bore you with it). But I'm the professor of Divination at chdivination (A class for castlehogwarts) and I went to go interpret my dream. Basically, it interpreted my dream as me wanting to settle down and quell my maternal instinct and eat the kids. WTF? I think the dream interpretation thingie was wrong.

Emotionally exausted. I'll leave you all with a question for the evening (x-posted to heavenly_dorks):
If you had all the money in the world and could afford one luxury, what would it be?

Mine? I'd never wear socks twice - I'd buy them, wear them once, and donate them (not only do they loose the plushness after a few washes, chucks are super hard on the heels of my socks).

Image hosted by

plus chucks:

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equal certain doom for the socks:
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Image hosted by

this is how awesome it makes me feel:

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