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Amelialaine: bah!
COLINyo: arrrg
Amelialaine: sorry if I was a bitch on the phone. I wasn't happy when I got home, but talking to you made me happy :-)
COLINyo: well thats nice, but i didn't think that at all
Amelialaine: okay, I was hoping not, but that is good
Amelialaine: I am avoiding my homework like the black plague
COLINyo: Yeah mine's due tomorrow so i hafta do it
Amelialaine: me too. argh. oh, well, I will let you get back if I am distracting you
COLINyo: and you go do yours
COLINyo: hehe
Amelialaine: okie dokie. I will call you tomorrow before I head off to campus band
Amelialaine: have a good evening
COLINyo: you too
Amelialaine: :-)
COLINyo signed off at 11:02:52 PM.
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