amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Mom buys me a new christmas tree decoration each year. I dunno why. This year I got harry potter to hang off my tree. Haha. It rocks.

Home for 18 looooong ass days. I realized today that it will be the longest I've been home since I lived here. Because between a stem cell transplant and hanging out with former boyfriends during the holidays, I just haven't spent 18 days at home all at once. I told them that between suz, ddr, and the internet, spending 18 days together will be delightful.

I thought for about 2 hours that I would switch my major to geology since I love it and I'm sucking in all my anth classes. But then I looked at the class schedules and I realized that there is squat for classes as major. So therefor, I will just keep my miserable major. Awww, craaaap.

Suz came up today and she moved in and we had fun just shopping around for extras and shtap (*shtap*? what's that?) like that. It'll be good to have a roommate again and I'm so ready to live with someone again! Anyway, I'm soooo happy for her. She got accepted to U of O!!! Go her!

Gah. That was a really boring interview. I'm sorry. Stoked to be here, kinda sorta. Lots of DDR.
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