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man, it's good to just kick back and be domestic for a change. (I say that even though right now I'm at the library).

The funeral was good. It sucked, but it was good, you know? I guess angie actually made all the arrangements herself, knowing that she wasn't going to be around much longer. And it was good to talk to her mom, if only for a brief moment. There was a poster board with a collage of pix of her. The last picture, taken days before she passed on, was a photo of her in the hospital wearing the hat that I bought her. Somehow, that makes it hurt just a smidge less. Like I made some semblance of a difference in her life. Her family all told me how she talked of me and that I helped her a lot. That made it hurt less too. I said my goodbyes and I kind of feel like a weight has been lifted. My heart hurts less. That feels really good (umm...duh).

Everything else seems just a little bit easier to bear. Some other sucky things, things that I don't want to get into. I'm revelling in spending time with Kathy, a dear friend, and being cold, but being cold in a very very beautiful place. The leaves falling, the fog lifting from the was really gorgous and I'm happy that I got to say goodbye to her in such a serene and scenic place. What a gift.

I'm reading Jurassic Park for my Dinosaurs class. Too bad it's grossly inaccurate, because that has been on my top five fave movie list for a looooong ass time. Fucking raptors!! ;-) All the same, I get to read a fucking rad book for class (okay, so I don't HAVE to do it, but I'm writing a paper about the inaccuracies of JP. And it's extra credit...but no one really cares, huh? It's all good. I know I'm a nerd).

You know how Ross on Friends is totally into both Dinosaurs AND Anthropology? I think the writers totally took creative liscence on that one. And for good cause. What's nerdier than a 30 year old obsessed with dinosaurs? A 30 year old obsessed with trying to be Indiana Jones AND dinosaurs. Because you can major in geology (the only department at the U of O that gives us such classes as the dinos class) or you can major in Anthropology (and be as cool as me), but to teach about both is, well...wrong. Am I wrong for saying it's wrong? Does anyone even understand what I'm saying? Damnit...haha.
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