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Let's play the pet peeve game. I'll go first. I really uber hate it when you are going #2 and the turd splashes in the bowl and back up onto your bum. Ew. You just took a shit, you don't need the toilet bowl water on your ass as well!!

haha. /gross rant.

Hung out at naima's. I love you! We had a mini LJ party, and it was tres bonne. haha. And hung out with Justin. And got propositioned for a threesome by a guy who was totally strung out on coke. Ugh.

Justin = really cool and really nice.

Mommies are coming tomorrow! *squee* this means that they are going to take me shopping at market of choice and we will have good food and I will have new toothpaste. And they will see the super duper uber adorable shoes that my mommy spent an arm and a leg on.
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