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wow...dead week sucks.

The cops are in my room talkingto damask right now. I am in Logan and Naima's room scared out of my wits. I was about to tell them some stuff about her when she came in, and I am glad that I didn't. I don't know who tipped them off, I bet it was mike the complex director. I hope she has to move out. Her and I have been getting along really well as of late, but the fact that they suspect her of pot dealing...I kind of wish I had told them about the coke. That would have been so much more efficient. I am so scared. what if she tries to kill me? Oh, my god. I can't handle that.

why did I have to get the roomie from hell?

beautiful as hell and random as fuck. that is what roger is.

I am changing my major to music ed. Finally, something worth working towards. Maybe I will keep it this time.
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