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Went to Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Powell Butte for a short while. It was swell and I saw Buzzards for the first time ever(!!!). And I met Bryon's family and they rock my socks and his mom kicks ass. She is swell...

And we saw Troy. Now, Heidi, I see what you mean. It was okay, not fantastic: Gladiator was definately better. Brad Pitt is certainly nice nekkid and everything, but I have a much nicer/sweeter/better looking (IMHO- have you *seen* my boy's hair?) specimin of boy than Achilles. After all, the only thing that remains of him is a tendon and a condom. Go figure.

And and and the music "left much to be desired" (the phrase snagged from Heidi). The thing about it is that is was a James Horner film. Now, I respect the guy and everything - he did "The Perfect Storm," "A Beautiful Mind," "Titanic," "Apollo 13," "Braveheart," "Willow," and "Swing Kids," just to name a few. But I could definately pick out at least three distinct melodies that he ripped off from other sources; one being the main theme from "Stargate," and the french horn solo from the finale of Shostokovich's symphony no. 9 (only because once upon a time it was my solo and Shostokovich sure as hell didn't compose Troy).

So, all in all, I guess it was okay. I think the equation went something like this:

(Lord of the Rings) +(Ben Hur)- (anything ridiculously cool in either of the previously aformentioned movies) * (x amount of trojans) = Troy.

And the other thing? The king of Troy (Peter O'toole, Or just "tool" for short :-) ) has some nifty line about "not being afraid of dying." Well, the thing that he *should* be afraid of is that his eldest son is now dead and that leaves the other TOOL aka his son (the lovely eye-liner endowed Orlando Bloom) as the heir to the throne. Yes, this is what he should truly be afraid of. "Tool" isn't the right word for him...just a big boil on the butt of humanity. Meh.

But a good short visit and it was exactly what I needed. Perhaps pix to come later.
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